Tuesday, May 4, 2010

SwagBucks Code: 5/4/10 8:30:57 EDT

This was a false alarm.  Looking at my log it appears that I caught TSG changing the message on the Swidget.  I check the Swidget twice a minute. Once on the minute, and then once again a few seconds later.  The purpose is to determine whether the message could be a morphing SwagCode (...Though TSG hasn't posted any of those to the Swidget since 2.0 hit)   Since the message on the swidget changed between my two checks, my script thought this was a morphing code and posted an alert stating that.  Sorry for the false alert....

Seriously, whatever you're all paying me for this...it's way too much ;)

7:00:43 EDT~5/4/10~5:30pm PDT or Bust!~Check the blog for more...~inactive~8:32:56 EDT
8:30:57 EDT~5/4/10~5:30pm PDT or~Check the blog for more...~inactive~8:32:56 EDT

Spoonfed SwagCode out.
Check the blog for more...

Automated Hint: Use the Swidget in the right column for the code!



Anonymous said...

Swidget says no code.

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