Sunday, March 7, 2010

New layout, features and more modification to the SwidgetWatch Script

Yesterday I made some major changes to the design of the website.  I hope everyone is pleased with the new look.  I also made some major changes to the script that is monitoring the Swidget.

We should no longer get duplicates posts, even if the code is still active past midnight eastern time.

I've also added hints to each post, based on the content of the swidget message.  Basically if the message mentions facebook, I'll automatically add a link to Swagbucks facebook page.  If it mentions twitter, I'll link to twitter.  Just one more thing  I thought might be useful.

The last major addition is the re-tweet button.  Please use this button to retweet posts and get the message out so that more of your referrals can know when a new SwagCode is available.

I'd also really like to promote the chat feature on the sidebar.  If you figure out the code please post hints.  If you need help, ask for it.  Just please remember that posting the actual code is still against SwagBucks TOS.




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